Top Trends for Fall 2015

As you know, trends are always changing, especially now as we are saying goodbye to summer and approaching the fall. Here are the top trends for Fall of 2015!


1. Faux Fur

Faux Fur

The key thing to surviving this fall is to keep you warm! Why not do that while looking fashionable at the same time? This is where wearing something like a faux-fur vest would come in handy!


2. Statement Earrings

statement earings

If you feel like you need to accessorize without putting much effort, buy by making a huge different in your outfit, then wear statement earrings. They make a basic looking outfit look very chic. Minimal effort, maximum impact!


3. Shades of Brown

shades of brown

When you think about the season fall, what colour usually comes to mind? Brown! Wearing different shades of brown such as maroon, mahogany, and copper will put you in the spirit for fall!


4. Chunky Knits

chunky knits

Whether it is a cardigan or a pullover sweater, chunky knits are awesome for layering and keeping yourself warm! Plus, it’s also flattering.


5. Black From Head-To-Toe

black head to toe

The colour black is known for two key things: The ability to go with basically everything, and the fact that it’s very slimming. So why not wear it from head to toe by combining different patterns and textures together!


6. Long blazers

long blazer

Last but certainly not least, blazers! They are very easy to dress up and to dress down as well. You can dress it up with statement accessories, or dress it down with a pair of chinos.


By keeping mind of all these new trends, you will definitely be more than ready for fall 2015!