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10 Quick Tips for Acting Auditions

#1 - Come prepared.

When going to an audition make sure you bring all necessary items such as photo ID, your resume, a headshot, and a bottle of water.

#2 – Leave your “baggage” at home

If you’re upset while auditioning directors can tell, and the last thing they want is for you to have a breakdown in front of them. It’s better to go in with a clear head, and leave any baggage at home.

#3 – Know your lines

If a director gives you something to memorize beforehand, you need to make sure that you do. Any words that you are unsure of, look them up before the audition.

#4 – Look the part

When auditioning for a character you want to look the part. This being said, don’t come in full costume.

#5 – Avoid unnecessary noises

Unless the script calls for it, you shouldn’t make any unnecessary noises by crinkling your pants, chewing gum, shuffling your feet or slapping your sides.

#6 – Be Confident

You always want to walk into an audition with your head held up high. Having good posture,body language, and a smile will leave them with a good impression.

#7 - Show your personality

Anyone can have a good smile, you want to stand out from the crowd with your personality. Never give directors one word answers. You want to look smart, curious, and passionate about the role.

#8 – Don’t just read the script, act

Finding the right actions that go along with the character you’re portraying can sometimes be tricky, but it can also give you an edge against your competition.

#9 – Don’t start over

If you’re auditioning and you mess up a word, or line just continue through it. Don’t break character, or reread something you just read.

#10 – Pick an early audition time

If it’s possible you should always try to be one of the first auditions of the day. Casting crews will get tired and less tolerate as the day continues, so it’s better to audition when they aren’t wishing they were at home.