How To Become A Film Actor

Do you have a passion for acting? Do you want to see yourself on TV? Be walking down the street and be recognized by your adoring fans? If this sounds like the life for you then you must want to be a film actor. Follow these steps and your dreams could come true.

Step One
Education Yourself

If you want to become a famous actor or actress someday the first step is to attend school for it. Though the most popular acting schools are in New York and LA, you don’t have to attend the schools there to be success. Attending an acting College or University will help you get exposure with professionals, learn about techniques, and get automatic chances to work on a stage. 

Step Two
Gain Experience

Just like any career, experience will help you improve. Look into summer camps, acting workshops, or summer stock in your area. Through these you can learn months worth of material in a period of 2 to 3 weeks. You can also be involved in multiple shows doing multiple things, which will look good on your resume. Another great idea to gain experience is joining your community theater. Community theater directors take productions seriously and have a decent budget. Winning a role in a production will put you in contact with others who are polishing their craft just like you, which will expand your network.

Step Three
Make Your Acting Resume

An acting resume is completely different from a business one. Don’t try to make your acting skills fit into a business type resume. When creating your resume you should include your full name, union affiliations, your contact information, the roles you’ve played, any professional training you’ve had, personal information (such as your age, your height, your hair color, and eye color), and a headshot. Before writing your acting resume make sure to expand your talents as much as you can so that you appeal to a wide range of casting calls.

Step Four
Move to the City

Your next step to become a film actor will be to move to a big city. The best location would be LA but you can move to any city if it has a good film scene. If your financial situation doesn’t allow you to move, then you need to start making efforts to change that. Moving to a big city is the only way to become big in the acting business.

Step Five
Become an Extra

Once you’re where you need to be, get out there and take on roles as an extra, or background actor. Open casting calls for these can be found all over the Internet, but a few good places to start off are Backstage, Hollywood Reporter and Variety. Though your parts will start off very small, any role can look good on a resume.

Step Six
Get an Agent

You’re next step will be to find an agent. Agents are your go-to for auditions and staying in the loop. Keep in mind that a good agent will only get paid when you’re successful, so don’t hire one that charges even if your schedule stays wide open. The best way to find an agent is to ask around your network. Other actors will definitely have opinions on the matter and may be able to even set you up with theirs.

Step Seven
Get into a Performer’s Union.

Getting into a union is a clear-cut sign that you’re taking this seriously. Once you take an apprenticeship or do some background work, you’re pretty much in. Look into organizations like ACTRA, AEA, AGMA or AGVA. Once you get into one of those, it’s pretty easy to get into SAG (the Screen Actor’s Guild). All you gotta do is find work occasionally and pay your dues. Overall it’s worth it.